Friday, October 29, 2004

filling up space

my poor page looks so empty, but I guess that's to be expected. so I'll ramble for a while here. Had a pretty good day, was actually awake from most of it, had a good voice lesson, felt a little more energetic than usual, probably since I was awake more than just an hour beforehand. Anyhoo, my teacher is kinda stressing about the election, it's funny, but who isn't? RTO and I won't be hosting an election night party this time around so maybe we won't jinx it. ha ha haaaaaaa. going back to the voice thing, I keep talking about giving a recital, it's going on almost two years now. (sigh) there never seems to be a good time. you'd think I could do it now that I'm not working. maybe that's something I can start on and start documenting here. yay! that's it. I'm thinking I should shoot for January, i'll be done with Christmas concerts, have some time off from the chorus. yeah, that's it. already sorta have songs pick out, i've just had trouble memorizing things,(oh i'm getting old) okay brain is shorting out..... when is RTO going to feed me!!!?????