Sunday, December 05, 2004

I survived!

the pops concerts, I thought there was one tomorrow also, but aparrently it got canceled at some point. yay! cause I'm felling crumby again. I think the chorus is just passing it around now. I stopped on the way home and got some cold stuff. Does is matter if I have a fever or not? I thought that was the way to tell if it was a cold or allergies? I guess since I'm online I could look it up, but that would be too easy. anyhoo, RTO keeps telling me I should be more authoritative with the puppy, he's probably right. though I noticed today that's hard to do with no voice. (yes I sang two concerts today and you wouldn't think there'd be a difference in singing and talking, but there seems to be enough of one that often I can do one, but not the other.) sooo the puppy is trying to be so cute. got up at the regular alarm time to let her out and she came out of the crate and layed down.

Roxi: I don't want to go outside, Thank you.
MK: come on, it's time to go out, you go out every morning.
Roxie: yeah, well, you're not the boss of me, and it's Saturday and I don't want to go outside. Pet Me! see, I'm so cute.
MK: oh.... well.. I'm going outside.
Roxie: I guess I can go outside with you, you'll pet me right!?
MK: yeah, that's it, c'mon.

So, she went outside, I went back to bed. got up in time to leisurly have breakfast and get ready for the first concert. decided Roxie could go in the crate while I was gone.

MK: okay, Roxie, it's into the crate!
Roxie: Yay! did you call me? you wanna pet me right!? yay!
MK: um, no, get in the crate.
Roxie: I'm laying on the floor now so you can rub my tummy.
Roxie: yeah right, I'm not climbing in there, I'm laying on the floor.

so I had to pick her up and stuff her into the crate. goofy dog.