Thursday, December 02, 2004

I think this is my brain withdrawing from anti-depressants

yeah, I know, but I always forget stuff this time of year.

So, today I had a couple of interesting dreams, I guess it might have been just one dream that lasted a long time and went off on a tangent but anyway. First part, (in my dream) I watched a program about how more people were starting to eat dead people. seems there was one particular swampy spot that was good for finding food. sooooo, I was staying with some rather well off people and was kinda interested in one guy. we all decided to go say hi to some of the neighbors in the yacht. this guy is “driving” the boat when he decides to take a detour. (I think I’ve seen too many james bond movies lately cause we were cruising down the street sometimes) He’s telling us about this great place he likes to go eat. well, we get there and it’s all dark and swampy. i’m thinking this looks familiar and as I look around I realize they’re all chowing down on people! the guy that took us there is all like “what? they’re tasty!” the others with me are equally horrified we ask him to quit and get out of there, but he won’t! he’s like, “c’mon, just try it, it’s good, they’re already dead, it’s not like they were murdered.” I think we did finally convince him to take us home and he couldn’t understand why we were all so upset with him.
second part, I’m minding my own business in my room (still in a big house) when, um, i’ve just gone fuzzy on this. crumb. anyhoo, I end up in an rv with a bunch of people and we’re on the lam. i’m never sure what we did, but at the same time I don’t want to get caught. I keep thinking we shouldn’t stop and should keep moving, but the guy driving is like “no, that would draw too much attention to us.” Yeah, right. There were some ninjas involved at one point, I think that was what made us decide to run. so lots of riding around and trying not to stress out too much. before I woke up, we had stopped at a gas station, this after ditching some highway patrol cars. While we were stopped we were going to have the rv repainted. the girls in the group were all waiting in line for the facilities when i was grabbed by law enforcement. apparently i had been kidknapped, but i didn’t see it that way. The driver decided to create a diversion of some sort and he grabbed me and put me back in the rv. so I’m inside waiting for the others to get in, they never do, so I decided to start driving around the station to pick them up, but they aren’t there so I’m driving in circles, I think I made it around the station three or four times before I woke up. they’ll never take me alive! and i’ll probably wind up on somebody’s table for dinner. Oh well.