Wednesday, December 01, 2004

yay, december!

I think.... the laziness has really kicked in here this week. something about my brain saying "relax, save up for performances" yeah, right. this is the third year i've been singing with the symphony chorus, the first I haven't been working, it just feels weird. hurry up and wait. RTO was surprised I don't have rehearsal tonight, nope, we get Wednesdays off. (actually most people will just be substituting church choir rehearsals for symphony chorus rehearsals, but not me, I'm a heathen.) My christmas cards are supposed to be ready today. hopefully they get them right the first time this year. (I'm not holding my breath) I'll try to post a picture of it later. already tried to post a project picture this morning, but bloggerbot was not cooperating. grrrrrr. Had an email from my cousin this morning wanting gift ideas for RTO. see, on my mom's side we all draw names for christmas, and keep them super sekrit, oops, I guess now RTO knows who got his name. we have a cousin and child of a cousin this year. speaking of gifts I better go and get some more made. I always seem to do this, I think way ahead, but don't actually get started until it feels urgent. silly me. year before last I was cross stitching ornaments during intermission. I didn't make ornaments last year because usually RTO would help make them, and this year I was just reallllly lazy. maybe next year. yeah that's it.