Thursday, January 13, 2005

Happy Birthday RTO!!!!!

He wrote this today, and I'm nothing if not catty. ;D

State of my Life
now that I'm really old

Well, today is my birthday. I'm 36 today and the state of my life is strong.
if by strong you mean whine about my shoulder all the time.

I've successfully deployed to Afghanistan and returned, my whole unit made in home without loss.
with the exception of Redun's pride.

I have a lovely wife who I adore.

We have a new home, two cars and both of us are gainfully employed.
Thank GOD maggie finally found a j*b, i was starting to wonder.

We both have the time to pursue the activities that give our lives quality; Maggie sings and crochets and cross stitches and I study and research and Soldier.
and blog. oh wait.

I have a lot of small projects that I want to do around the house.
none of which includes scoopy-ing the cat boxes.

That's a big plus in my book. It justifies the purchase of new tools.
mmmmmm, tooooools.

My brother, his wife and son live only a few miles away and are happy and healthy.
and I haven't broken their puppy in years!

My parents are only about an hour drive away. They raise horses and have just finished a big rennovation on their house.
oh, and they raise cats, lots of cats, you need a cat? we can get you one. please.

I have other family scattered all over the country from Seattle, to Boston, to Miami.
don't forget Kansas!

We hear form Maggie's parents regularly and we see her sister often.
Hi mom! Laura took a cat from the farm, they're great! ask me about a kitty!

Two veteran cats and a new puppy that don't quite get along yet, but each add quality to our days.
and mud to our carpets.

It's good to be 36 in America today.
if that's really how old I am.

I'm going to be transferring units and returning to Afghanistan in 2006.

I'll put in a gate on the west side fence this weekend.
okay, it's just an excuse to buy a saw.

I'm going to teach myself Visual Basic this year and maybe some ASP web stuff.
Cause I'm bored..... and nerdy.

I will continue to teach and to learn.
whether or not anyone wants to hear it.

I will continue to adore my wife.
but not if that means taking her shopping.

...and pet my cats and play with my puppy.
though obviously, not at the same time.

I'm certain it will be good to be 37 in America next year too.
if maggie lets me live that long. ;D

aw, I love you too RTO. Happy Birthday!