Tuesday, February 15, 2005

proof that RTO doesn't know everything, despite his claims to the contrary...

RTO: WHY put stickers in the bottom of these things that are the exact same size? what company is this?ramekin? if i ever find them i'm going to beat them.

MK: uh, ramekin is the name for that little round dish. not the manufacturer.

RTO: how was I supposed to know that? who on earth would know that?

MK: oh c'mon they're all over the place. I knew what they were called and I don't even cook!

RTO: riiiiiight, you're just playing a joke on me.

backstory. mom sent a william sonoma kit for making those chocolate lava things for Valentines day. mmmmmm, she also sent the tools we'd need to make it. (mixing bowl, spatula, and a bunch of ramekins) mmmmmm.