Sunday, February 13, 2005

tivo fascist, part zwei.....

first commercial break starts.....

MK: uh, where's the remote?

RTO: this remote? (holds remote just out of reach)

MK: (glaring)



RTO hands me the remote. back to watching Days.... next break

RTO: WHY AM I SEEING COMMERCIALS?!?? WHY WHY WHY!!!!????? not so remote fascist now are we?

mk stops typing, picks up remote, forwards through commercials.

Okay, at this point i'm thinking, the remote is between us.... either one of us could do this, but now it's my job, just because he usually keeps the remote on his right side, i'm on the left. HELLO? oh and it's also my job to scoopy the cat boxes. i thought that was something we traded off on, and since he was gone a year he has a lot of scoopy-ing to make up for, but NOOOOOoooo. he thinks since he cooks and does the laundry oh, never mind.