Wednesday, February 23, 2005

trip to the vet today

took maggie to the vet, she's losing hair on her tummy. Did some looking online and figured it's probably stress, but with the whole thyroid thing last year thought we should get her checked out just in case it's something more serious. vet pretty much told me the same thing. sooooo she had to make the trip in a pillow case because the pet taxi is in OKC. was not happy about that. usually doesn't complain too much, but not today, she yelled quite a bit in the car. so I'm curious, do i have the sweetest kitty ever? or do people at the vets office say that to everyone? they're always like "yay! it's maggie! we love her, she's so pretty and sweet" so they drew some blood to test and gave me one of those sattelite dish things to put on her head when we aren't able to watch her. if her hair starts growing back we'll know it's a stress reaction, but also, she could be stressed from not feeling right. we'll see.