Sunday, February 20, 2005

what's your theme song?

had this question posed in an email.

That's right, you get to pick your own theme song. It's that song youhear when you're struttin' down the street carrying a paint can andchecking out your hair in window reflections. (yes, that was a moviereference).
- Be prepared to defend your choice.
- No fair making fun of anyone else's choices until you've posted your own.
- Picking "Theme from Shaft" will just self-identify you as a wanker. (face it, you're just not cool enough for "Theme from Shaft".
- Open up some. Don't just pick a song because you think it's funny, pick one that reveals something about yourself. Seriously.

hmmmm, RTO suggested something opera, but i thought, no that's not what plays in my head when i'm feelin' good. I figure i'd have to go with Dancin Queen, but not the abba version, some really cheesy easy listening version. cause that's me, cheesy fluff. either that, or songs i don't know the titles to, things from Hail the conquering Nero! or something Indian.

Update: think this would be my aria thing,

Io son l'umile ancella
del Genio creator :
ei m'offre la favella
io la diffondo ai cor...
Del verso io son l'accento,
l'eco del dramma uman,
il fragile strumento vassallo della man
Mite, gioconda, atroce,
mi chamo Fedeltà :
un soffio è la mia voce,
che al novo di morrà.

I am the humble handmaid
of the Muse,
who offers me the message
that I communicate to other hearts...
Of a poem, I am the interpetation,
the echo of human drama,
a delicate instrument
obedient to another's hand...
Gentle, joyous, horrifying,
they call me Faithfulness:
my voice is but a breath
that tomorrow is no more.