Friday, March 11, 2005

i've always been ahead of my time....

seems like about the time i give up finding something it starts popping up everywhere. a few examples. Cake plate for RTO. he'd wanted something like this at Thanksgiving, but we couldn't find anything. i've been keeping an eye out, even searched in some antique shops, nothing, until last week.

After last years trip to New York (april) i thought it would be nice to have some ballet flats that weren't velvety looking. i hadn't really worn them much before then, but during the trip i found out how versatile they can be. hadn't seen any in stores. a month or so ago i saw some advertised at a department store for sixty bucks! blech. Thank Target again! they had some last week. i'm thinking about buying up extra pairs, just so i'll have them, they were so cheap! (about 13 dollars)

who knows, maybe badly crocheted scarfs will be all the rage next winter. ;D