Friday, April 22, 2005

more camera news

had one response yesterday, said they would have to see the camera to make an estimate. called the place in OKC earlier today after the email i sent finally bounced back. they also said it would be nice to see the camera. i explained that i was in dallas (i wish there was somewhere in town i could take it) and then they suggested i just send it to Nikon directly, cause that's probably what they would do with it. soooooo, maybe monday i'll box it up and ship it, along with some other things that have been riding around in my care for three months for other people.

did some thinking last night about the camera, as far as how it might work. i hadn't been able to turn the mode dial, then thought, well, maybe the outside part doesn't move. sure enough, i got a toothpick and can use it to move the inside part of the dial around. and it also works nicely for using the zoom switches. but it wouldn't be fun to have to do that forever.