Thursday, April 14, 2005

oh yeah,

was gonna mention the retarded d/fw parking. they advertise how you can use your tolltag to pay for parking, but they don't tell you (until it's too late) that it's only for their premium lot. we drove around it a couple times and couldn't find a space, so then we went out to the cheaper lot. they gave us a slip of paper explaining that their system didn't allow for this and in the future we might be charged the highest rate regardless of what lot we park in.

Now, RTO and i had been stranded in this same lot before (remote north) because the tolltag didn't work.(actually it was a slightly different program... passkey, which worked with the tolltag, but was a separate account thing for paying everything but tolls) anyhoo, that time we'd tried calling the "help" number on the gate, but nobody answered, eventually, RTO got out and lifted the gate so we could leave. Sunday night someone answered the phone there, RTO got bent out of shape because they didn't seem to have their stuff together. didn't answer the phone in a professional manner, asked for all kinds of info it would have been helpful to know they needed before we called them (tag number, gate number, name) I was just happy they opened the gate for us in a timely fashion.

still, it would have been nice to know that the tag wouldn't work in the lot before we got there.