Monday, May 09, 2005

paper peeve

I read the paper. not the online version. i get ink on my hands. (though not as much, they've really cleaned up their act) RTO tells me i'm the only one. and in talking to my friends he may be right. but i can't give it up. things like this weekend's election helped make my point. i find out about things going on that don't always make it online, or are so buried in the online version you'd have to know what you're looking for to find it. i also think part of it has to do with personal editing online, you might not realize it, but it's easy to miss a lot of things because they aren't filed under an area you checked as interesting. i suppose you could do that with the paper too, but i tend to skim the whole thing (except sports, unless it's about the Cowboys! and they hide Tank McNamara in the sports section) so that's my argument for the 'paper' paper, everything is there in a familiar format, particularly local news.