Saturday, May 07, 2005

we @#$^&%$ voted today

MK: oh yeah! it's votin day! you wanna go vote?

RTO: who the #$$T^%^% votes on $%&^% SATURDAY????

MK: um, Texas.

RTO: well how $^&*&^%# stupid is that $%^%&&* idea?

MK: i thought you liked saturday voting.

RTO: what the $^&*#! gave you that idea?

MK: um, cause it's saturday!

RTO: yeah, great idea have voting while people are out of town. there's a reason elections everywhere else are on tuesday. i didn't even know there was #$^(!* voting today.

MK: well, i knew, cause i read the paper.

(in the car)

RTO: where are we going?

MK: downtown

RTO: isn't there a (*#$(@ polling place closer to our house?

MK: yeah, but for the municipal things they don't expect much turn out, so fewer polls are open.

RTO: oh great, how the @#(%^*! is anyone supposed to know that?

MK: uh, it's in the paper. see again, the paper proves useful.

RTO: @$*(%*$^!&) well, that must be the place, the one with all the @!#(%*^ signs right outside the (%*#!$ limit.


walking into building....

RTO: those @#$(%* people better not try to (!*%()@# talk to me or else i'll *%&#@(! give them what for!

MK: (shakes head)