Thursday, May 12, 2005

what is this "motivation" that you speak of?

um, yeah, i've got a couple of auditions this weekend and so far things aren't looking good. had a rough voice lesson last week. (having trouble with b flats for goodness sake!) still having trouble this week vocalising/practicing. and i have an intense desire to stay in my house. i usually try to plan things to make sure i get out every couple of days, had things planned this week, but have mainly put them off. (i'll get my allergy shot tomorrow, flea stuff for the carpet? it can wait, mailing bills? i got plenty of time. i have no students so why bother going to the gmta meeting.) i mean how crazy is it to have a goal of getting up at a reasonable time and not taking a nap all day? (and may i just say i'm failing miserably at it) i know i should do something about it, but after years and years of dealing with this i just don't care. i always seem to end up back where i started.