Saturday, May 07, 2005

white house theater, may 6th

(credits for punch drunk love are running)

MK: well, it was no extreme prejudice. bwah ha ha ha haaaaaa.

RTO: oh, you're so funny

rto and i have very different tastes in movies. we've hit a run of things i picked on netflix, so last night was punch drunk love and about schmidt (which i think sarahk should see just to take notes from the wedding. ;D) got sucked into watching the double life of veronique the other night too, which he hated. it was kinda like a train wreck, one of those movies i keep watching because i know, any minute now, it's going to make sense. still have monsoon wedding (RTO: you're gonna watch that when i'm not here, right?) waiting on the tivo.

so getting back to last night, i liked both movies, but then i have weird tastes.