Thursday, June 16, 2005

the director calls the look "disney peasant" i always think pastorale. sorry gail, no bumrolls this go-round. Posted by Hello

oh and the movie last night was run-away bride.

last night's rehearsal was interesting. had orchestra there. as the conductor mentioned afterwards, the orchestra hasn't "settled" yet, there were some ensemble issues. usually we've been told only stage techs should change scenery, lay a hand on props, etc.... however they're short handed, and most of us had asked about helping, but were turned down, until after rehearsal last night. some of the scene changes took too long and so we wound up finishing the run through without the orchestra. oh, and the sopranos got drafted to dress in black and act as spirits at the end because the videographer back out at three yesterday. yay! i got a call around three thirty asking me to get there asap to go over this, and i got to the theater about four-thirty. but other than telling us why, we didn't do anything. the "holocaust robes" didn't appear until just before we were supposed to don them for the finale, so it was kinda disorganized. we open tomorrow! yay! tonight is for relaxing, they're having a little get together at the marriot (one of the main sponsors of the opera) but from discussion in the dressing room last night, it doesn't sound like it will be well attended. we'll see.