Thursday, June 16, 2005

in other news....

got to talking about the 9-11/government conspiracy thing last night with a fellow chorus girl. i'm mainly curious about why it became newsworthy yesterday. it's been out there for a while. so some former bush administration person made a comment about it. that suddenly gives it credence? check out file it under and protein wisdom for more rambling on it. and conservative cat for a similar conspiracy story. i guess it's summer and we're bored.

we also talked about the gitmo torture issue. all i can see is "puh-leeeeze" i was reading an article in the march 2004 issue of american heritage (i'll catch up some day) called the spirit of 1776. the author basically talked about american tactics during the revolutionary war and how the colonies strived to be better than the british when it came to how they treated the enemy (providing quarter instead of killing and treating prisoners humanely). i kept waiting for them to start complaining about the current situation, though they never did, maybe i was reading too much into it. (though pairing pics of 1776-77 people and events with modern day pics would definitely make that case) the feeling i got from the article was "we used to be better than our enemies and now we're worse" wah. some people have no sense of scale. :P