Wednesday, June 15, 2005

rto will not be happy

my clock is totally off now. bwah ha ha haaaaaaa. maybe i'll get it reset next week. but we start music rehearsals for elixer. :P i went after rehearsal tonight to help work on parts of the set that need to be done by tomorrow. i now feel comfortable using a cordless drill and miter saw. and i did some painting, cause i haven't had enough of that lately. anyhoo, took a shower once i got home to get the sawdust off, my hair isn't quite dry yet. the run through tonight went much better. it helps that we gained a couple feet up stage (there's a "line of death" that no one is real sure about where it is. anyway crossing the line will cast shadows on the projected backdrops, hence the likelyhood of being murdered by the director should you cross it.) we ran the act one finale a few times and everyone seems more comfortable with it now. yay! tomorrow night is final dress rehearsal. if you're in the area, please come see it friday or saturday or both nights!