Monday, August 29, 2005

coffee! it's okay, really rto!

couple of people have linked to this bit of news about coffee.

rto has been annoying me lately because he's just quit drinking coffee. tells everyone he quit and lost ten pounds. raaaaarrrrrrr!!!!! this, shortly after we bought a new coffee maker even (and not a cheap one)

when rto and i first started hangin' out together he was drinking two or three pots a day. he cut back eventually, but this cold turkey thing has been driving me nuts. it used to be the mere mention of coffee on tv would make him aggreeable to a cuppa, but no more. i suppose i try to keep my consumption down to just a cup a day, but the occasional extra cup doesn't bother me. but now i'm on my own, i think my husband has been replaced by some weird clone.