Thursday, August 18, 2005

maggie's so lazy....

(insert punchline here)

well, let's see, i still have some lettering left to do on the cross-stitch project, but it involves me figuring out spacing and counting, so i'm putting it off. rto insists that i put the date on it. which means even more counting (AUGUST, i guess it could be worse, like september, the example uses May, the slugs)

heard some crashing ealier, but didn't budge, not ready to survey the damage yet.

made instant coffee today, because it's time to make a new pot, but that would require cleaning up the kitchen a bit so i could get to the sink. oh wait, there's a sink in the wet bar. hmmmmmm. but there's still the old grounds to deal with and the trash is full and who knows how furry they are by now.

haven't read the paper yet. i blame jeff goldstein.

rto emails me with something from another dfw blogger about a special rate on the paper and i say, you do it, i don't call people on the phone. not even for 8 dollars, you hear me! 8 DOLLARS!!!!! mainly it's the principle of the thing, i'd have to cancel my current subscription and sign up for a new one. i've been a loyal subscriber for how long and this is how they repay me!???? like the time the bank wouldn't give me a cute little plastic piggy bank cause it was only for people who opened a new account! needless to say, they no longer exist. i hate that kind of crap and i'm not going to play it. (yeah i'm reasonable)