Tuesday, August 09, 2005

maybe it's the weather?

seems like the last few days it gets stormy every afternoon. the power blinked off and on a couple times today, just for something different i guess. we have now reclaimed a large part of the office. i still need to sort out the file cabinet, but at least now i can get to it without stepping on anything. rto must have been a bit inspired as well and got things fixed up so that we can print stuff from our laptops. yay! i was hoping to also get access to some older pictures, but the other computer says i don't have access. we'll see about that.

so i was taking some pictures of the cats today, walked to the back door to see if the puppy was up to anything and found myself eye to eye with a hummingbird. he took off before i could get a pic. oh well. i need to clean out the feeder again. read somewhere you should do that every few weeks. oops.

so again, i'm up late. thought i'd never get to sleep last night, even took an ambien (around midnight) about two i tried some warm milk. that seemed to do the trick. didn't sleep in too terribly late today and made it a point not to take a nap, but here i'm still up. oh well. the therapist wondered if there wasn't some bi-polar stuff going on because usually i seemed fine at the office. until last friday at least. i told her that it seems like i would get more things done if that was the case. then again, reveiwing the last couple days, she may be on to something. or not. i don't know, rto commented on my doing stuff the last couple days and asked how long i'd been off my medication, it's been since mid june at least. i don't know, nobody does, it's such a frustrating crap shoot.