Thursday, August 11, 2005

silly things to say

i was watching, oh, i think hannity and colmes last night, they were talking to some 9/11 widow and she was carping about the war and had to throw in that yeah, she'd voted for Bush in 2000. this always seems like a silly thing to say. first of all it's not like anyone can prove or disprove it. secondly so what? i voted for him too, doesn't mean i agree with him on everything, or that somehow i'm more qualified to disagree with him. just seems like you have a weak point to begin with if you feel the need to throw that in there.

i don't know if it's the lack of medication or what, but i've been sooooo peeved the last few days about what some people are saying about the war in iraq. particularly the whole cindy sheehan thing. yes, she has the right to say whatever she wants, but i would think most people would recognize her for the grieving mother she is and let that temper their, oh i've lost my train of thought. let me back up. i think that degree of grief is best left in private and i don't think anyone should take advantage of it to make political points. that and i know if rto were killed and i did something like that and it were possible to come back from the dead he would beat me senseless for criticizing his sacrifice for something he believed in. it's one thing to be sad about it, it's another to blame someone else for it.

speaking of which, rto asked last night if i'd be interested in going to crawford this weekend. i just told him no because i'd rather have tile in my bathroom, and we'll be gone for a wedding next weekend. (a friend of ours who will be on leave from iraq no less) that and i just don't think i could handle it.

as a final note, i give you a link to rto's post on 23 reasons we're in iraq.