Thursday, September 15, 2005

paging jeff goldstein, will jeff goldstein please pick up the white curtesy phone?

okay, so something is digging under my house. rto filled up the hole before he left and then a few later, it came back. Posted by Picasa

i was telling mom about it, and she said dad might know something about it, so i sent him these pictures. Posted by Picasa

here's the response:

"Classic" armadillo hole. For some reason they love to dig next to houses. Take broom handle (or other long stick-like device) and poke in hole. If no one home, throw in bricks or large rocks to fill hole, then add soil. Bricks or rocks will discourage repeated digging. Armadillos will not bite, just scary to look at!!

someone, has some explaining to do.

update: i responded to dad that armadillos carry leprosy. and he said:

Considering the numbers of armadillos we have disposed of over the years, if they carried leprosy [my place of employment] would be a leper's colony right now. I did not instruct you to have "personal contact" with the critter !!