Saturday, November 26, 2005

another cinderella story....

Tuesday night there were some kids in the audience. most of them related to the cast in some manner. anyway, the second act is interesting in that it switches back and forth between the ballroom and "garden" (in this case it's in front of the curtain), so prince and cinderella are up front doing their thing, the rest of us are behind the curtain waiting for them to come back..... the prince says his line "are you dreaming i'm about to kiss you?" and we here this little voice from the audience say "no!" hee hee.

opening went well last night, did some re-staging of the finale right before the show and it worked okay. the lighting guy isn't always on top of things. (hint: curtain opens, lights come on, this doesn't always happen in a timely fashion) other than that, good.