Friday, November 25, 2005

getting carried away with illustrations......

on the ride home today i brought up something i'd come across (via Mudville gazette)earlier in the week (okay maybe it was last week) about reporting from iraq.

The Marines were a fantastic audience. They were engaged and inquisitive on every point, and they were also genuinely concerned about the mainstream media's preoccupation with negative news. They felt that it's not that the negative stories — like casualty reports — shouldn't be reported, but that we never hear what America is getting for this sacrifice. As one Marine put it, it's like if I spent $7.99 for a slice of pizza and the headlines the next day read, "Marine Out Eight Bucks!"

rto added, "and he didn't even want pizza!"
MK: or he already had one in the freezer!
RTO: he probably could have got a better one for half the price.

i'm pretty sure it was downhill from there, thankfully we weren't far from home. oh, and rush was on. ;p