Saturday, November 12, 2005

state of my weekend, thus far....

first off, survived an audition last night without suffering too much embarassement. i had seriously considered calling and cancelling, something just wasn't working right vocally (hairball) but i thought, what the hey!? it's a bit late to cancel and it's a friendly environment. anyhoo, it went much, much better than expected.

then, on the way home, i got to see a show! just a note for the light grey lincoln town car stopped at i 635 and centerville around seven last night, uh, i don't think your car is the best place to be watching pr0n. i'd read stories about this, but never seen it (usually they're showing cartoons) anyhoo, i know there's been some debate on the legality of adult viewing in your vehicle on the street, maybe you should keep that in mind.

rto's at drill this weekend. i had rehearsal this morning. man was i grumpy. let's just say bright lights, hyper-active teens and maggie don't mix well before noon on saturdays.

took some more flower pics this afternoon. was thinking of putting it off till tomorrow, but then i had to go outside anyway to get the puppy's collar to put back on her. not sure why she took it off, or why it took me so long to notice. squirell.

so that's the weekend so far, coming up, rehearsal for suor angelica tomorrow. hopefully i'll sit down and listen to it later today. but i think first i'll take a nap.