Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day and Catblogging.....

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I couldn't find if i'd posted this before. seems the november archives are missing.? so you'll get the m.e.o.w. (morale enhancement operative, whiskered) story again. (from a friend)

I pulled MPDO last Tuesday and at about 9 PM we got a 911 call about a"viscous 25 pound cat trying to claw its way into my quarters." (We dispatched a patrol more out of curiosity than anything else.)

Since this was a slow night most of the on-duty patrols found an excuse to head over there. Turned out that this cat was the cutest and sweetest 5month-old kitten we ever saw. (Which was badly malnourished.)

In fact it was so cute and sweet that it spent most of the night sleeping in the lap of any MP who stopped moving. Needless to say, at shift change the cat went home with an MP. This left me with some trouble when I reviewed the report for this incident. SOP is that stray animals go to the animal control facility and that this fact is noted in the report.

So I simply left out any reference to the disposition of the cat and hoped that nobody would notice when I gave my brief the next morning.Well, the anal rentatives who run the PMO immediately latched on to the fact that the report was not complete in reporting the disposition of said cat.

The LTC I was briefing asked me "What happened to the cat? You left out the fact that the cat was placed in the stray animal facility - otherwise how would we know that some MP didn't take it home?"At that time he noticed that myself, the desk sergeant and the (nowcat-owning) Military Police Investigator were attempting to slide under the table.The LTC looked at me and asked me point-blank: "Sergeant - what happened to the cat?"Figuring that I was toast anyway, I replied: "Sir, the cats status was changed from 'stray' to 'Present For Duty' as a morale support specialist at an off-post housing unit."

(The stunned look on his face as he attempted to digest what I said was worth the royal ass-chewing I got from him when the meeting was over.)

carnival of the cats is at curiouser and curiouser this week.