Monday, December 05, 2005

stupid matinee tricks....

Things i did sunday:

-dropped a line in my first scene. "really cinderella!"

-"ssss sssss cinderella hasn't got it"

- sneezed at the end of the ballroom scene, you know, everyone's looking at the prince walking downstage gazing intently at the shoe. the prince said as we were leaving the stage "you stole my moment!!!!" heh.

-almost dropped another line/came in late at end of "Lovely Night" my actual thought process "gee it's quiet..... oh that's MY line!"

i think that's it for me. my sister had her bracelet break in the ballroom, little pearls went everywhere. and then she managed to lose control of the shoe and send it flying. fun, fun.

this weekend's audiences have been much better. they laughed. yay! anyhoo, was reminded we've got a thursday show this week, sort of. it will have some cuts so that it's mainly music.