Thursday, December 29, 2005

this is my brain on stress.....

not that there's anything to be stressed about.... yet. let's just say that 2006 is looking interesting, and it hasn't even started yet.

so i had a dream last night that i was supposed to sing in a recital, thought i had everything planned, was just gonna stop somewhere and see if i could find something new to wear, nope. no biggie, i thought, i've got things at home, but it's always fun to get something new, oh well. i spent the rest of my dream frantically trying on clothes and hating everything, nothing fit! for some reason my dad was driving at that point and he kept telling me to hurry up we were going to be late, and i was like, just one more minute, i know there's something in here. next thing i know it's a half hour into program time and i still have nothing to wear. fun, fun.

i also had a dream about being back on stage for cinderella, but not. it was more of a free for all and i spent most of the time sitting and talking to people.

anyhoo, i listened to suor angelica a couple times last night. different recording, i have a recording of, uh, Renata Scotto on vinyl, and the director gave us all cd's of a version with Sutherland. so i dumped it onto the shuffle and played it through twice. parts of it still give me chills regardless of the performer, puccini does such a good job of matching music and drama. (yeah, i'm bad at putting this into words)