Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i'm doomed! DOOMED!!!!!!

good news first, i don't have to go to work tomorrow. bad news part of it.... it's because the lady i work with has the flu and won't be back til next week. yay! anyhoo, my assignment most likely will be extended, i guess i don't care one way or the other. but yeah, she came to work today, went to the doctor this afternoon and called saying she wouldn't be back. she OFFICIALLY HAS THE FLU!!!! ugh, so here's hoping i didn't get too close to her, or that my immune system is feeling up to fighting. (and oh yeah, rto's gone til sunday, so if i do get sick, it won't be pretty)

other weird thing got a tax bill from Garland ISD, which, is normal, but it's addressed to, well, someone that doesn't live here (and no, it's not even rto's other wife Nicole ;D) actually got two! i decided to open one, because seeing someone else's name with my address on a property tax bill is a little worrying. so it gets better! property description had the house number of the house next door. course i get home too late to talk to anyone about it, fortunately i'll be home tomorrow.

oh, and since he's gone, i've made a post at rto's. and it's not really related to this, so go check it out.