Friday, January 27, 2006

more bank ranting, or something like that.....

rto mentioned yesterday that as part of a class they had on customer service he had to call someone. so he chose to call one of our credit card providers. specifically, bankeone or chase as it's now called. see, when you're deployed some fun things kick in such as this:

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
Formerly Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA)

and in regards to creditors specifically, this part:

Section 207
- Maximum rate of interest on debts incurred before military service

(1) LIMITATION TO 6 PERCENT- An obligation or liability bearing interest at a rate in excess of 6 percent per year that is incurred by a servicemember, or the servicemember and the servicemember's spouse jointly, before the servicemember enters military service shall not bear interest at a rate in excess of 6 percent per year during the period of military service.

anyhoo, rto jumped through all the hoops, sent letters to everyone, and bankone/chase sent me a nice letter stating that this didn't apply to our card because rto was not the primary on the account. i didn't throw a fit about it because i don't think we had much on it at the time. so he called yesterday, told them he's about to deploy again and they better cooperate. he says that the rep he talked to tried to imply the law had been changed lately so they would comply. cute. i told him he should have added that citibank reduced our interest rate to 0%, they are that cool. he wasn't aware of that. oh well. it's just entertaining how weaselly they are.