Tuesday, January 10, 2006

seemed like a good time....

to see where i am on the reading pile..... last post was in July?

seems like i've made a very slight dent.....

side table: (by the couch)
Sept 2004-March 2005 Smithsonian
Autumn 2004 and Winter 2005 Wilson Quarterlies.

Nightstand (which holds up well considering all that's piled on it):

First Stack:

Current (December 2005) Classical Singer - (i cracked this open today)

Audition Connection (opera america) uh, December 2003- December 2005 there's ONE article in each of these. you'd think i could take the time to read it. *sigh* oh, and they're bi-monthly, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

Voices-OPERA America's Bulletin for Singers- Winter 2004 and Winter 2005 (not sure what's up with that) (oh, says it's published three times a year, so where are the other two?)

Newsline - OPERA America - Jan. 2004 thru Nov/Dec 2005 -(10 issues a year) (whoa further down the pile i found September 2003 and Nov/Dec 2003, this is obviously priority reading)

mental_floss - Sept/Oct 2004 thru May/June 2005

Texas Music Teacher - Winter and Spring 2005

Anime for Girls - rto got this for me

Reader's Digest - January, March 2005 (this is all?)

some piece of mail about a piano course....

Why Cats Paint

American Music Teacher - April/May, June/July 2005

oh, and the NYT Sunday Crosswords Omnibus volume 4 lives here.

Second Stack:

Making Money Teaching Music

Brains that Work a little Bit Differently

Holy Blood, Holy Grail

Kindaichi the Killer parts 1 & 2

Hello Kitty: the remarkable story of Sanrio and the billion dollar feline phenomenon.

Reader's Digest - January 2006

Thou Art That - Joseph Cambell

Pathways to Bliss - Joseph Cambell

whee! have i mentioned i can't remember the last book i read? well, except for what rto and i read on trips. we finished the Kite Runner last night. it made rto cry a couple times. and i think the last time i was caught up on periodicals was 2002.