Wednesday, January 04, 2006

still hating w*rk....

and freaking out about what a musical hack i am. *sigh*

so here's the thing, i've been not saying anything about this so i don't jinx it or wake up or something..... after the whole cinderella thing, which i thoroughly enjoyed, i've been thinking maybe i should just forget the opera thing, i'm not so motivated as others and well, i'm a goof. then we get home from christmas and i've got a letter from the opera, didn't get cast (which is really no surprise)but! was offered the chance to cover a role. which is cool! seeing as i don't have any experience. this is a step up for me. i guess i'm just doing the usual second guessing, "what the heck have i gotten myself into?" mental gymnastics at this point. oh well.

i'm sure i'll calm down at some point. which brings me back to w*rk. i hate it. yeah, yeah, who doesn't?