Friday, February 10, 2006

da, du, rant, rant, rant, da, du, rant, rant....

okay, that was lame. anyhoo, spending the weekend in Durant. yay! we drove up to OKC today to finally get me an DEERS card. funny moment, the SGT asked if i was an organ donor:



MK: uh, i mean, yes.


MK: sorry, it's just i had a friend that donated a kidney to her dad a couple weeks ago, so i was thinking, "nope, i still have all my organs"......

Thanks Carin. ;D

anyway, had dinner with my sister and then headed down here. not sure what i'll be doing tomorrow, RTO wants me to meet some other deploying people's wives. whee!

oh, also, was this "please tell me your life story" day? cause everyone was real chatty. the SGT, the guy at the Love's station.... yeah, i care.