Monday, February 13, 2006

there's an easy solution to this.....

i'm trying to sleep in and rto is looking for his keys this morning. checks the laundry, who knows where else.

MK: did you look on the couch

RTO: of COURSE i did!

MK: i mean like, under the pillows and everything?

RTO: yes

MK: i'm just sayin.....



RTO: (on phone, in living room) yeah, i'm gonna be a little late, i can't find my keys....


RTO: (more rustling)

MK: (gets up, goes to couch, checks under pillows, no keys, looks under army times on back of couch just above pillows. BINGO!)

RTO: where did you find them?

MK: on the couch, under the army times.

RTO: oh well, you didn't say under the army times.

so there's a little row of hooks next to the garage door, but does he ever use them?? of course not, that would make too much sense.