Tuesday, February 14, 2006

thing i never thought i'd say at seven in the morning....

It's a pig!

okay, backing up. woke up this morning to some strange noise. rto got up, let the puppy out, came back to bed. heard it again. rto insisted it was a cat. good lord, a cat making that kind of noise is in trouble. so we both got up to lay eyeballs on both cats. they were fine. went back to bed, heard it again.

MK: what is that?

RTO: it's the cat. you know that noise they make when they're watching birds.

MK: that's not a cat.

RTO: sure it is, it's a cat.

(noise comes from living room)

MK: ?????? it's a pig!


MK: is it your laptop? your phone?

RTO: my phone is right here. it's a cat.

MK: well, both cats are right here, now.

so after hearing it again, i got up and went to the living room.

MK: there are pigs crawling across your laptop screen.

RTO: huh, so that screensaver must finally be working.