Tuesday, February 07, 2006

what can i say about tuesdays?

getting into a new routine here.... i actually get up early on tuesdays to get to the therapist's office, then i go get the allergy shots (and they have coffee there, though not very good coffee) then.... the last few weeks it's been a stop at Target, there's always some little thing i need (today it was cereal, conditioner, and i threw in a sports bra for fun) sometimes i conk out in the afternoon, or just read, but i don't cycle any. i have no problem pedalling after work on weds. and thurs. so i'm not sure why tuesdays just don't motivate me. oh well. today i've got the added bonus of a call back for Oliver! not sure what to expect with that. at least i didn't have to do the dance audition last night.