Tuesday, April 25, 2006

if you've ever thought "hey! wouldn't it be fun to leave the house without my wallet?!"

I can't recommend it. seems Racetrac does not like checks, didn't say that anywhere on the gas pump, told me after i'd filled up and was trying to pay them for the gas. sooooo i wrote them a check rushed home to get my wallet and went back to pay with something "real" like my credit card. *sigh*

anyhoo, also dropped my wedding ring off to get resized.(i give up, i don't think i'll be losing much weight anytime soon) it's going to cost over twice as much as what rto paid for the ring. heh. i don't think i have any pictures of it, else i would show you. I had seen it in an antique shop in OKC and said, i didn't care if it wasn't expensive, it rawked! and it fit (or else rto went to great lengths to find out was size i would need and has kept it a secret all this time just to sound uber romantic)

yeah, exciting day off. i also went grocery shopping.