Friday, June 30, 2006

Jesus is my boyfriend.....

I hadn't seen that phrase until today, there's a rather lively discussion on church music going on at nfcs, i can't directly link anything there, but go check out the main forum. anyway, back to the title:

Let's unpack the meaning of "Jesus is my boyfriend"June 28 2006 at 9:43 PM

Response to Is this "Jesus is my boyfriend" a real song???

If you know contemporary praise and worship music (esepcially the VERY contemporary stuff that's not based on Biblical texts...although note that there is a movement to base a lot of it on Biblical texts), you'll see/hear that if you took out words like God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit, you could just as easily be singing to a lover. Hence, the phrase "Jesus is my boyfriend"...In fact, it was never made so clear as when I was a freshman in undergrad. I was playing a CD of some of it (which I had obtained at youth camp right before coming to college). My non-practicing quasi Jew, atheist neighbor heard some of it and said, "You know, AYO, that stuff sounds like you're singing to/about a man."

anyhoo, church music is a subject near and dear to many in my family....