Sunday, June 25, 2006

rambling weekend wrap up

yeah, so, finished with Figaro now.... what to do with my free time? had a really craptacular lesson Friday, saturday's audition was equally impressive. oh well. the in-laws came to the show today, apparently they told everyone they saw in costume to let me know because many, many people passed on that bit of info. though first words out of MIL's mouth were, "Matt told me YOU'RE maggie katzen." uh, yeah, ???? oh, yes, they've been reading rto's blog, forgot i post there occasionally. she was a bit confused,concerned about who was posting stuff about him. didn't mention i have my own blog, it ain't that entertaining, but you know that already. ;D

so i'm planning on sleeping in tomorrow and just generally goofing off, except for doing laundry maybe. catch up on the paper, i'm up to wednesday. oh speaking of paper, there were a couple articles about Living Opera, one last Sunday and one today. no, i didn't talk to the reporter.

oh yeah, kitty vet visit was typical, much hissing and growling and fawning. everyone's fat. Carlos tipped the scales at 18 lbs. Maggie is a little lighter at 12-ish. Pete (that's him on the desk oh yeah, and i assume he's named for pistol pete as he wears an Oklahoma State collar.)came to greet us, and surprisingly carlos didn't seem to mind. also he inspected my purse, they said he really likes purses. he reminded me of Bosco, large, black and the same kind of fur, but much, much friendlier.