Sunday, August 20, 2006

maggie katzen: really craptacular at math or estimating, or whatever you want to call it....

was gonna clean today and run errands tomorrow, but then i got a call from ups saying they're delivering a package tomorrow that i HAVE TO sign for, and they'll be here sometime between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. sooooo, i did the running around today, picked up cat food, more stuff for rto and soaker hoses (which is where the math comes in and the poison ivy questions) i found the mortgage papers and there was an outline of the house, added up the sides, came up with 430 ft. well, okay, there's some driveway involved, but also some twisty bits that might make up for it, so i'll get 500 ft., just to be safe. home despot only has one kind o' hose and it only comes in 50 ft coils. ten seemed like an awful lot, so i only got eight. got home, ate "lunch", cleaned the bathroom, and figured "what the hey! it's getting dark out, i'll go ahead and put the hoses down". I used 5. there are a few feet on either side of the garage not covered, which hopefully will be okay. i've got hose to cover it if not.

so i got stuff done today, just not the stuff i'd planned on. and i made it through kitty adoption day at petsmart without caving. (they didn't have any marked as "good with dogs")