Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Albums.

Carin just got me thinking about my favorite Christmas music. I give you a list.

Faves : these four five I could listen to over and over and over. (and I do, just ask RTO)

1. Squirrel Nut Zippers - Christmas Caravan I don't think there's a clunker on this one. Love Indian Giver, mainly for the very last bit where Santa shows up, "Ho! Ho! HOooold on a minute." like I said, I've heard it a million times and just never gets old. They also do a great arrangement of Sleigh Ride. overall, not too fun without getting too sappy.

2/3. Ultralounge - Christmas Coctails (2 volumes!) lots and lots of kitschy arrangements o' familiar tunes and a few original things. ooooooh, I just noticed there's a 3rd one.....

4. Klezmonauts - Oy to the World !- yet another album of really interesting arrangements. can we see a pattern here? I think it comes from singing so much traditional stuff, RTO sometimes accuses me of liking things just because they're different and not necessarily good. hmmmm, but this? this is good.

5. Great Songs of Christmas by great artists of our time -(album six) this was made for Goodyear. and who are the great artists?too many to name, but since this one is on vinyl I can't find an easy link for it except for ebay auctions. probably the most traditional sounding christmas album i have. I got it from my grandparents many years ago when grandpa discovered that he had two. speaking of two, it's got two tracks by Barbra Streisand (Silent Night and Ave Maria(the bach/gounod version)) probably my favorite is Bing Crosby on White World of Winter cause it's just so cheesey

so there's the five. there's others that get an honorable mention.... but this post is taking me forever, so maybe later.