Thursday, November 23, 2006

thanksgiving ramblings....

rumor has it that VP Cheney is in Baghdad. (as i'm writing this I can't find anyone official confirming it, but that's subject to change while I sleep (ha!)) mom had asked me earlier if I thought anyone important would go over there. anything is possible, and President Bush had gone over there the last time RTO was deployed. and I know some people thought the President's visit was silly, staged, whatever. but to me, sitting at home all alone that Thankgiving, it was the coolest thing. ever.

so, this time around i'm headin' over to the in-laws. and at this point, i'm going to be seriously sleep deprived. oh well, story of my life. chatted with RTO about it this morning and then Matt tonight and i'm gonna take the laptop and webcam and see if we can't at least all see each other.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!