Sunday, December 03, 2006

maybe I should just wait til RTO is home on leave.

update 1:06 p.m.:
the cook top was dropped off about 10:30 this morning. apparently the installers are a separate deal. haven't heard from them yet. figured they would call while I was taking the puppy to the vet, but they didn't. so far mac n' cheese is ahead with 57% of the votes.

update 2 3:19 p.m.: was getting antsy about the intallation, so I called Lowes. got to looking at the receipt and they didn't charge me for installation. guy at Lowes said it was some kind of computer glitch they had the thing listed as a range in one spot and a cooktop in another so it didn't automatically prompt for installation. though I'm pretty sure I said i would need it installed. *sigh* so they'll run the charge through today and someone should call me tomorrow to set up an appointment to get the thing installed. how many times can I type install-? many.

update 3 6:32: installer just called and he's coming tomorrow afternoon. yay! so tonight it's three cheese chicken and brocoli. keep voting!