Friday, December 29, 2006

odds.... ends....

got a new battery put in the car today. yay! did I mention that one? Tuesday we were going to meet my sister for lunch... and my car wouldn't start. jump started it and didn't have any more trouble with it. Dad almost broke the hood-propping-up-stick. guess you had to be there.... I'm sitting behind the wheel and he's trying to put the hood down..... I guess not all cars have those sticks... some hoods hold themselves up, like the one on the rental car. anyhoo, he tried to bend the stick back into shape, um, yeah. it still works even if it's not as pretty as before.

let's see... other fun christmas stories.... oh yeah, gift exchange with my mom's side of the family. i brought an mp3 player...thinking the chances were good that the one person that wouldn't/couldn't use it wouldn't get stuck with it. ha ha! yeah, I won't be making that gamble next year. it was also fun watching the OSU alumni's grandma take the fleecy OU blanket from my sister because "it just looks really warm" fortunately the replacement gift lola opened was a fleecey blanket with no school affiliation, so they made a trade later on. I got a set of flashlights and Pirates of the Carribean: um, the second one, dvd.

hmmmm, there have been quite a few Fox News Alerts(!!!) in the last hour. i'm thinking Sadaam is not long for this world. they're saying his lawyer has been asked to come collect his personal belongings. but i'm sleepy and need to trim somebody's claws.