Wednesday, January 31, 2007

aaaaand we're back

sorta. the external soundcard arrived today, so i can record in stereo. not sure if it's the soundcard or something else, but my laptop has suddenly become very slow. it's been acting a bit strange lately anyway, hopefully RTO can look at it while he's home on leave some day. anyhoo. records.

make it easy on yourself - Burt Bacharach: this was the record that made me break down and get the external sound thing.... you just don't mess with Bacharach and I could not get it to record both channels. it's fixed, for now. There's quite a few songs on here from "Promises, Promises" a musical that he did with Hal David, not sure why I'm not familiar with it, it must have had a really lame story.

Starlight Piano - Andre Previn and His Orchestra: I tend to pick up anything i find by Andre Previn. I just really like his piano arranging. although I have yet to sit down and listen to Streetcar Named Desire.