Saturday, January 27, 2007

finally, saturday records....

getting started late cause I got out today, of course I waited until the weather turned ugly. drove into a small hail storm. (less than pea size, I think the car is fine) and it's cold outside now. i think i have everything to attempt some miso soup later. anyway.... records.

Fool on the Hill - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66: somebody once told me if I loved Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, I would love Sergio Mendes. They were right. I love the title track, makes me want to add it to my imaginary lounge act repetoire. (so, so far it's James Bond movies themes and Fool on the Hill. and maybe Lush Life, in case you were wondering) nice cover of Scarborogh Fair on here too.

Just for You - Peter Nero Trio: everything on this one seems to be pretty peppy. anyhoo, the previous owner of this album made some notes. It might as Well be Spring is good. written across the top of the back cover is, "good piano listening - not too good for background" yeah, probably. LOL. sorry, he just worked that Pagliacci (Vesti la giubba) line into Love for Sale.

Music of Arabia - Hanaan: warning! I'm about to ramble. as this one was playing I kept thinking, "I've either heard enough arab music that I'm recognizing some tunes or I already have this on cd." turns out I have it on cd, it's just called Night in the Casbah. and the cd has no credits so it's funny that I've stumbled on this. there are 3 tracks that didn't make it to cd though so I'm still recording this one. found a little bit about Hanaan here. and nobody seems to know when this was recorded, all I've been able to find is "196?" album cover says:

"...She was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and studied music and voice there. Still in her twenties, she has had a career filled with diverse opportunites to sing to many different types of audiences. In Lebanon, she starred in an Arabian-language film. Numerous recordings in her own tongue as well as in French and Spanish repertory have been issued in Lebanon, Egypt, and in South America in which last she was phenomenally successful during two long tours. She has been seen on television in South America, and her voice has come over the radio via the Voice of America, London's B.B.C., Arabian Nights programs etc. ..."
OH! even better, I've just noticed that the album cover and the label on the album do not agree on what songs are on each side. I would have gotten them completely wrong if I'd looked at the label. (it's pretty easy to recognize Shway Shway even if you don't speak the language)

changing subjects I also figured out the stereo thing. seems the jack is very particular. so now i'm getting stereo sound. don't think I'll be re-recording much. maaaaaybe Queen's Night at the Opera since that's the only other album I've noticed the lack of stereo sound on. I don't know.... this is going to be a long project. I'm not quite through the first cubby of records and I figure there's at least three more cubby's worth of records to go.

Strictly Belly Dancing - Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak: errrr, apparently Belly Dancing for excercise was popular in the early seventies. and Ibrahim Farrah was somehow involved in making this record. i'm trying to figure out why I recognize that name. oh well. it's an entertaining album. bullet points from the back cover:

  • Now a complete album with music for an entire belly dance show!
  • All the right tempos of the mid-east belly dance!
  • the Eddie Kochak sound with the "Ameraba" exciting dance thythms!
  • Fast/slow/rhumba tempos chiftitelle tempos/takseems
  • No interruptions-just plays on for your own show!
  • have fun and belly dance yourself to health!