Friday, January 26, 2007

friday recording

Suite for Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Piano Trio - Claude Bolling (pianist/composer) and The English Chamber Orchestra, Jean-Pierre Rampal, dir.: I liked the other thing so much I figured I'd give this a try. I don't like it as much it's just not as fun.

and to make it even better..... I had to start over on recording the second side two times because animals kept messing it up... first time Roxie bonked her head on the table, second time Carlos STEPPED ON THE TURNTABLE. just planted his big paw on the record. *sigh* finally got it done.

The Moods of Mantovani - Longines Symphonette Society: Mantovani seems to only have one mood really. mellow. not that there's anything wrong with that.

Golden Gems - Billy Vaughn: stuff, stuff, more stuff, nothing's jumping out at me here, it's from the Box o' Records, a lot of them have been lately but I've been forgetting to note it. oh well. the table is extra sensitive today or something, I had to redo the last track because I clapped my hands at Carlos, bumped the table and made the album skip. yay!

You Only Live Twice - Music composed, arranged and conducted by John Barry: Nancy Sinatra sings the title song. it's always interesting to hear where else the title melody pops up.

Koto Vivaldi - The New Koto Ensemble of Tokyo: it's the Four Seasons. played on kotos. which works well.