Monday, January 15, 2007

monday recording

Goldfinger - John Barry: title song sung by Sherry Bassey, of course.

Eat to the Beat - Blondie: this is one of those I remember listening to a lot in college, the other being Holiday in Italy, but we'll get to that later. fun.

the mystic moods of love - The Mystic Moods Orchestra: for those of you unfamiliar with the Mystic Moods Orchestra, a blurb from the cover:

About the Mystic Moods: The first MM album, "One Stormy Night", was an overwhelming debut success. The concept was new, different and delightful - combining magnificent music with familiar sound effects, rain, trains, the orchestra of nature. But, to no one's surprise this was not a one-time hit. Time and again this phenomenal pairing has produced acclaimed albums.

so I guess you'd be within your rights to curse them for some of today's New Age music with nature sounds albums. This one is okay, the cheesey music makes up for the cheesey concept. The Look of Love, an arrangement of Clair de Lune they just call Moonlight, Can't take my Eyes off You and Love Theme from Tristan and Isolde. interesting mix.